New in Windhoek, Namibia. DoRego´s. If your in the neighbourhood stop by for breakfast, lunch or diner. The staff is very friendly and the food is delicious! And even better, it´s also cheap! We used to eat here on a regular basis when we were short on cash, as some stupid Namibian stole all our stuff.

Are you going to Namibia? Please visit Grootfontein, stay at the Pondoki restcamp. A beautiful and quiet surrounding, 2 swimming pools and the owners are very friendly! It's the hangout for the local bike club.


If you happen to be close to Westville Nova Scotia, consider staying at the LORDA campground. The campsite is located at HWY 289 and there's plenty of signs put up by Dave (the owner). This tranquil and pristine campground is maintained by the elderly and the disabled. Staying at the campground is free, but make sure to leave a donation in the Honour Hut. During maple sirup season (early spring) they make their own maple sirup which can be bought in the shop. And if you are not close to Westville consider making a detour.

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