Deciding on what boots to wear during the trip is probably one of the more challenging questions that arise during preparation. It all depends on personal preferences of course. But it actually comes down to a trade off between comfort and protection. If like us you decide to bring only a pair of flip-flops or sandals besides your boots, your boots are going to be your main footwear at least during riding. So you better be picky about it. Good boots should be comfortable to wear and walk in and yet provided enough protection to avoid injuries during the occasional tumble. They should offer protection in cold and wet conditions and provide comfort in hot climates. Here is what we decided to wear.

Boots Sander

After wearing Daytona Roadstar boots for a couple of years, it was time to replace them prior to the big trip. I've been trying different kinds of boots, but never found anything as comfortable as the good old Roadstars. So when the Daytona Touringstar was on sale at a local motorcycle shop, I just had to buy them. This boot is similar to the Roadstar however it is produced for a German motorcycle shop. After 9 months of Africa and another 3 months of travel the boots started to disintegrate. The sole was coming apart. Annoying but not a big issue I was thinking, as it is known that Daytona refurbishes their boots. So back in the Netherland I returned the boots to the shop where I bought them. The shop sent them to Daytona, but received them back untouched. According to Daytona they were worn too much. Needless to say I'm very much dissapointed in having to bin a pair of 300 euro boots after just one year of use.

Right now I have a couple of Meindl walking boots, which are comfortable enough to ride in. For sure they offer a little less protection. But considering my previous experience with the Daytona riding boots, I'm gonna give them a shot.

Boots Marianne

Marianne has some very small feet. Because of this, it is not easy to find a proper set of boots. Marianne is using the Alpinestar Stella Armada boots. These lady riding boots, do have laces so they can be tightened to improve the fit. They are waterproof. And after using the boots for a much longer time than Sander did, they are still looking pretty decent. The only drawback is that Marianne could use boots with a higher heel. Daytona makes those kind of boots, however the standard versions are too wide for Mariannes feet. It is possible to order boots with a specific width, though. But seen Sander's experience with Daytona boots we are glad we did not do that.

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