To avoid serious injuries, protection is mandatory. We actually can't believe people riding without gloves, in normal jeans or even worse shorts and flipflops. Okay we must admit we did do the later. But only for short distances. Here we're talking about normal riding days.

Knee guards

It all started with knee protectors. When Marianne bought a pair of motorcycle trousers it came with standard protection. But the kneepads have only one size and the were to big for the pants. Irritating the knees. So Marianne decided to buy a couple of Acerbis child protectors. They are a much better fit. The big advantage is that they don't move around. Another plus is that they are easy to remove making it much more comfortable to walk. Also it allows the pants to be stored more easily.

Considering these advantages Sander bought the same protectors only normal size. Which are much bigger. And although they did a pretty good job during our Africa trip. The elastic bands are worn. Resulting in the left guard moving around, compromising protection. And because they are so big, they were a little less suitable to wear under the pants. Especially with the winter lining zipped in. Having to replace them anyway we have been looking for an alternative, which we found in Supershield protectors. These are soft protectors. They have one drawback and that is that you have to put your legs through. Making them less easy to take off. But they are much more comfortable and smaller. Which makes them a lot easier to store.

Body protector

During our preparation we decided it might be a good idea to wear a motorcross bodyprotector. When Sander was offroading he always felt a bit vulnerable in normal protection, while others were using body armour. A bodyprotector offers very good protection and also doesn't move. Making sure everything is protected as it should be. It took a while before we found one that was comfortable enough to wear under our jackets, the Jopa JP Deluxe. Again Marianne is using a kids version.

Another reason why we decided to wear body protectors is that it is possible to wear them without jacket in hot countries. And we have experienced that it is really very nice. Its not possible to get better ventilation. But there are some drawbacks aswell. The body protectors are very big and inflexible, making them difficult to store. To solve this we carried a packsafe. Another problem are the studs that hold the plastic parts to the shirt. Not sure why, but somebody decided it would be wise to use a corrosive metal. It may sound funny for an action sports protection, but after of while of contact with sweat they start to disintegrate. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with a pair of washers and a couple of pop rivets. But as Sander's protection is in a pretty bad shape we replaced it with a Vanucci protector. This doesn't offer as much protection as the Jopa. For instance it doesn't have collarbone protection. But it is much more comfortable and easier too pack.

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