A bit of comfort while camping keeps a good spirit. And a proper seat really makes a difference. It may sound funny, because motorbiking in general requires quite some time in the saddle. So you might think you don't want to sit after a long day of riding. But standing up gets tiring pretty fast and sitting on the ground for a longer period of time isn't very comfortable.

On our Africa trip we mainly used our panniers to sit on. They were pretty easy to detach from the frame and did the job. But unfortunately we had some issues with these panniers. So we replaced them back in the Netherlands. Though the new panniers can be removed from the frame, it is more of a hassle. It's not something you are going to do everyday. Also Marianne switched to soft luggage after her tumble in Albania.

Helinox Chair One & Ground Chair

After some investigation Marianne bought herself a Helinox Chair One. With a maximum allowed weight of 145 kilos this chair should be able to support Sander in his heavy days. But Sander tried it and found it being too wobbly. After trying all different kinds of seats Sander resorted to the Helinox ground chair. It only allows for 120 kilos, not leaving a lot of room for Sander to gain weight. Which actually is a good thing :) But being lower to the ground it feels much more stable.

Right now we have used the seats on two occassions. During our test run on Texel and with the ascension weekend. Our first impressions are pretty good. The chairs do what they should do. Although it's a bit hard to get seated in the ground chair. Once in it, it actually is pretty comfortable. Sitting on a bunch of flimsy aluminum poles, however still feels a bit awkward. Hopefully this feeling will disappear the more we use the seats.

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