When away for a longer period of time, staying healthy is the main priority. We carry two electronic devices that help us doing so.

Steripen Classic

When on the road drinking enough water is very important to avoid dehydration. Especially when offroading in very hot conditions, a lot of moisture is lost by sweating. And although (bottled) water is generally available, sometimes you'll have to resort to less desirable ways of hydratation. Like rivers, streams and puddles. And the last thing you'll want is to get sick from drinking infected water.

There are different means to avoid just that. There's purifying pills, filters and UV purifiers. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance a filter can remove any harmful chemicals and debris from the water. But we opted for a UV purification system. The Steripen Classic UV light, destroys over 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms that cause illness. To power the Steripen Classic, we carry 4 rechargeable AA batteries. We consider this to be the best option as normal AA batteries are available almost everywhere. In that way we have a fall back scenario incase we experience problems with the rechargeable batteries. We've used the Steripen a couple of times in Africa and never had any trouble drinking water from unreliable water sources.

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean

Another thing you might want to avoid, is to visit the dentist in one of the less developed countries. At least that's what we want. Also we are very careful about our teeth and we like to avoid dental caries. For that reason we carry an electronic toothbrush. In the Netherlands two companies produce them, Oral-B and Philips.

And Philips (a Dutch company) produces one that is suitable for travel. The Sonicare Diamondclean comes with a hard molded plastic case. It's not only useful for storing the toothbrush while travelling but in fact it acts like a charger. A mini USB cable can be plugged in to charge the toothbrush inside. The case offers place for two brushes. One for Marianne and one for Sander. Another thing we like about the Diamondclean are the brushheads themselves. They are more like a normal toothbrush oposed to the heads of for instance Oral-B. The Diamondclean offers 5 different programs; clean, whitening, gum care, etcetera. But we only use the clean mode.

Not having visited the dentist for over a year. Marianne had no problems and Sander only needed two fillings. One of which was a replacement and the other tooth was filled because the dentist didn't trust it. Not bad we would say.

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