Even though we would like our journey to be an achievement of ourselves (we don't have sponsors of any kind). It would be impossible to do without the support of our family, friends and various companies who helped us during our preparation.

The support we received have been both intangible (moral support and advice) and tangible (discounts on products and services). Hereby we would like to express our sincere gratitude as we couldn't have done without!

Thank you for helping us chase our dreams!

- Sander & Marianne

A special thanks goes out to the following, who helped us during our preparation:

For preparing and servicing the bikes
Their knowledge about suspension products is just unbelievable. Marianne's bike got lowered and the bikes handle so much better! Special thanks to Bas for helping us to improve the bikes.
For preparing and servicing the bikes, teaching us how to maintain the bikes ourselves and welding the pannierracks.
Thanks Erik for making our topcase rack and frame improvements!
Mile Pajic is a true craftsman when it comes to exhaust modifications.
The place to be for some nice customized seats.
Helped us to improve our offroad riding skills.
The shop for motorcycle travel equipment, owned by a very friendly couple. This is where we bought our Wolfman tankbags.
They went through the trouble of ordering a great variety of body protectors, for us to try. But in the end we only bought a couple of comfortable enough knee protectors.
Bart & Christine in special as they arranged quite some things for us.

If you need products or services that they can provide, we suggest to give them a try.

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