Modifications (BMW R100GS)

These are the modifications we did to the bikes to make them up for the trip:

Suspension (Hyperpro progressive springs and shock)

During our trip in Africa we really appreciated our Hyperpro springs so for the BMW we also mounted Hyperpro springs and now also a Hyperpro shock!

Footpegs (Pivot Pegz)

Just as on the Honda we mounted the Pivot Pegz on the BMW.

Wunderlich brake lever extension

We mounted a Wunderlich brake lever extension.

Brake lines (Venhill)

For a better braking response we installed Venhill steel braided brake lines on the front.

Risers (Rox)

While offroading, not having the proper rise is a pain in the ar.. uhmm back! No really it is. One should be able to stand in a comfortable upright position. As our handlebars don't offer enough rise, we had to mount handlebar risers. Since the 5 cm risers Sander had on the Transalp didn't fit on the BMW we now both have a riser of 3 centimeter on the BMW.

Handguards (Acerbis)

Because Marianne broke both the clutch and brake lever of her Suzuki Bandit while dropping the bike a couple of times, we installed some aluminum reinforced Acerbis Multiplo hand protectors as a precaution for our Nordkapp trip. Probably making the Bandit one of the very few streetbikes with offroad handguards. It looked ok though and it served its purpose when Marianne dropped her bike somewhere in Finland. When we sold it, we took of the hand protection and reinstalled them on the Transalp. When we sold the Transalp we took them off and reinstalled them on the BMW

For Sanders Transalp we bought a couple of Acerbis Rally Pro guards. Unfortunatly they won't fit on the BMW. That's why we now bought the Acerbis Rally Brush for Sander's BMW.

Seat (Rayz)

The original seat was ok. But on the long stretches resulted in sore bum. Also Mariannes seat needed a bit of lowering, as she's still having difficulty reaching the ground. In the BMW GS scene there's a few names going around for proper seat modifications, one of them is Rayz. We decided to give it a go and must admit he did quite a good job.

Now we have sore bums after being a day in the saddle! :P

Rayz saddle is great but we simple didn't have enough time to let him create saddles for the BMW soon we will discover whether this is a wise decision....

Front fender

Also the BMW is looking much better with high fenders!

Exhaust (BSM Vampire)

Marianne's BMW had a BSM Vampire exhaust when we bought it, it is a lowered exhaust and made our bike (with cases) much smaller so we decided to mount this exhaust also on Sander's bike.

Pannier rack

For the BMW we choose a standard rack but for the left side we have the rack of an other BMW, a smaller one.

Bashplate (custom made)

A BMW with a topcase?! Yes it can! Thanks to Erik of HotRod Welding we are now proud owners of a custom made SW motech top case rack!

Lights (HID / Xenon)

We took the xenon out of the Transalp and mounted it on the BMW, simply plug and play and there will be light!

Headlight protection

To protect our precious HID bulbs, we need some headlight protection. Luckily this is quite common for BMW so we mounted a standard headlight protection!

Voltage meter (Koso Mini-3) We like the Koso, although the regulator of a BMW doesn't brake that often as a Honda it is better to be safe then sorry. So we took it of the Transalp and mounted it on the BMW.

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