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After selling our Honda Transalp motorbikes, our old site ( didn't make sense anymore. Unfortunately we didn't have time to change it. But now we proudly present you our new site!

Not only do we have a new domain (, but we've also built the new site from scratch to suit our needs. During our previous trips we noticed that maintaining our blog can be quite a challenge, especially when no internet is available. We have been using Blogger for our blog and Picasa for uploading pictures. Both systems are powered by Google and integrate nicely. However for us, both systems do have their disadvantages.

Obviously when no internet is available both systems are pretty useless, but so would be any other online system. Once we did have internet available we used to upload pictures to Picasa, prior to posting the blog updates. After that we were able to include the pictures directly in Blogger. However uploading pictures and using the Blogger backend don't perform very well with poor or slow internet connections. Resulting in a lot of frustration. So what we usually did is write OpenOffice documents, store the pictures and publish them once proper internet was available. But because Picasa renames the pictures, it still was a cumbersome process.

We have solved this by building our own blog system. Now we just upload our OpenOffice documents and pictures to the server. (Pictures can actually be published directly from Adobe Lightroom). A couple of background processes import the documents and pictures to be included on our site. But there's more. With the information inside the OpenOffice documents we are also able to determine our location. Allowing our followers to know where we are.

Finally, the site is responsive. So it should be useable on any mobile device. Note however, that it isn't entirely according to Google and or mobile specifications and recommendations. Making it not the fastest site around. So better only use this option when WiFi is available.

For now enjoy! Bookmark our site, subscribe to our newsletter or import the Atom feed into your favorite newsreader. And follow us during the rest of our trip, which should start the 21st of june.


25-03-2015 Roelof
Great info, please share how this works 'in the wild'. I bet there are a lot of travelers that aren't into ICT-stuff, just like me :-) For example: what is best, a small heavy duty laptop or a tablet and separate keyboard? Regards, Roelof.
25-03-2015 John Wamelink
Succes met jullie voorbereidingen.

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